Olivia's Rebel Hearts

Olivia's Rebel Hearts

One of my favorite things about the Indie community is getting to interact with both the readers and authors of all the books I love. It’s a seriously amazing feeling to be able to wander into a fan group and find a bunch of people who are just as into that book/genre/author/trope as me!

That’s what this street team is all about.

There’s a budding Facebook group Olivia’s Rebel Explorers for those who love facebook, and a few hashtags to follow on Instagram

However, I also know that not everyone loves social media. So I started a monthly e-mail called, The Rebel Explorer! 

Both will have ARC opportunities, games and top secret looks at future books 😉 Check below for more details!

Feel free to just join in wherever you think sounds the most fun! 

The Rebel Hearts

“Sometimes you need someone to be there for you. Not to fix the problem, or offer advice or do anything in particular…just simply to be there. To show up. To be present with what you’re feeling. To see what you’re going through. To see you. To understand you.” – unknown

What can you expect from Olivia’s Rebel Hearts Facebook group?

  • Want book recs based on a specific trope? 
  • Would you enjoy behind the scenes glimpses into author life?
  • Or bonus scenes that answer story questions you've always wondered?
  • How about sneak peaks at new releases and first dibs on ARC spots?
  • Do you like giveaways and games exclusive to the genre (and Swag to go with it)?
  • Would you like input on future series and special peaks into the content that never made it into the series?

What can you expect from The Rebel Explorer e-mails?

  • Want to keep up to date on releases while avoiding social media? 
  • How about book recommendations and deals from similar authors?
  • Or bonus scenes and POV exclusives only available to e-mail subscribers?
  • What about free prequel novellas and snippets as new series release?
  • Would you enjoy Explorer challenges and games exclusive to the e-mails (and the Swag prizes that go with them)?

The Rebel Explorer

“You think you’ve seen it all? Think again. Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me, nothing will ever be the same again.” – The Doctor 

The Rebel Explorer

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