In a world of forbidden magic, fate plays a cruel game — binding five souls to the one mate who could destroy them.

This Fae prince is going to be the death of me. 

He’s a spoiled party boy whose only skills are flirting and — well, you know. There’s a reason his “special” piercings are famous … 

Not that I care. 

I refuse to get involved with that arrogant bastard. Especially since the shadow monster he barely keeps contained will kill us both if given the chance. 

But when he’s assigned to the most important mission of my career, I can’t afford to walk away. 

Not when staying risks me being caught by the Empire’s most deadly Mage Hunter. He insists our single toe-curling kiss bewitched him, and is obsessed with proving I’m hiding magic that could threaten the world. 

I’ll do anything to keep him from discovering how close he is to the truth … 

Can I outrun the growly Mage Hunter and outwit the seductive Prince of Shadows in time to complete my mission — life, sanity, and secrets intact? 

Join Kaiya and the first of her mates on a dangerous mission to the Forsaken Isle — a place full of dragons, monsters, twisted magic, and a painful truth that could change everything.

Read a sample here: Bonds of the Forsaken Sample