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Isle of the Forsaken

Reverse Harem, New Adult Romance, Epic Fantasy Adventure, Romantic Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy, Hopedark Romance

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Forsaken Secrets

I really should have left that reckless lordling dangling from the damn cliff…

With a corrupt magistrate breathing down my neck, a magical affinity to keep hidden, and my slightly illegal propensity for relic hunting, it’s all I can do to keep Aunt Grace and I from destitution.

There’s no time left for anyone else!

Not the far-too-cheerful mage, Lord Elimri Westin, who feels indebted to me for saving his life. Nor the prickly monster-hunter, Lynk, who seems to think his job includes protecting me. And certainly not Jaiel, the smug Fae prince who cares for nothing but himself.

No. I’m better off on my own.

But the magistrate won’t let up, and one brief conversation with him makes my whole world crumble.

Now, my last chance at keeping Aunt Grace safe lies in locating a rare relic in the ruins near our estate.

It’s a long shot, and I’d have to team up with those vexing men to do it…but what other choice do I have?

Meet the stubbornly independent Kaiya Maderoth and some of her infuriating men in this action-packed first book of the Isle of the Forsaken series – a slow-burn new adult RH fantasy romance.

If you love angsty forbidden romance, lost civilizations, fast-paced action, magical creatures, twisted magic, and gaslamp fantasy…then this is the series for you!

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