About Me

Olivia K. Moto

Lover of all things nerdy, caffeine, wine, and happily ever afters <3 

Hey, friends!

I hope you’re doing well, wherever you are! Thank you SO much for checking my books out. It truly means everything to me to know that those voices and worlds in my head have found new homes in yours. (Sorry about Tye, though. He’s kind of a jerk sometimes.)

If you ever have any questions or want to chat books, feel free to send me an e-mail or connect on social media. I LOVE connecting with other readers <3.

Olivia K. Moto

About Me:

Lover of all things nerdy, caffeine, wine, and happily ever afters <3 

About Me

Lover of all things nerdy, caffeine, wine, and happily ever afters <3 

Real life is uncertain enough.

I want my books to be a safe place to explore – a refuge containing some of your best friends…and a world that can always be fixed.

I grew up in the vibrant desert of Arizona  – developing my love for geology and exploring nature’s stark and often surprising beauty.  

Now I live with my amazing husband, our two mischievous kiddos, and our fluffy puppy, Rocco, in the mountainous and coldly beautiful Alaska. When not writing, reading or being mommy, I love playing board games and watching cheesy romance movies.  

My favorite genres include reverse harem romance, epic fantasy, romantic fantasy, gaslamp fantasy, paranormal romance, hopedark fantasy, YA and NA romance, historical romance, speculative fiction, small-town romance, cozy mysteries and…well, anything that ends happy, lol.


Have a question you don’t see an answer to? Feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll add it!

A life-long reader, I never dreamt I’d be able to write my OWN books some day. In fact, I saw myself as uncreative! I pursued a career in science and really loved it.

Then my kiddos were born, and I was lucky enough to be able to stay home with them. Suddenly, I was faced with long hours without conversation and a need to do something for ME. (They were still babies…now they don’t stop talking, lol) 

My husband and friends had always suggested I try writing. So, one night, I typed out a first chapter for a sci-fi Beauty and the Beast retelling. It was really rough, but SO fun to create. The idea that I could actually create the story I wanted to read was intoxicating! 

Several years and a few books later, I still adore it and feel beyond lucky to have a career I’m so passionate about. It blends my loves of business, science, and words better than I could have EVER imagined!

The easiest way is to join either the Facebook group or my mailing list. I’ll always send out calls for ARC readers before release and people in those two groups will have first priority. 

Honestly, this depends a lot on the type of person you are. 

Do you like having a plan for everything? Does the idea of running into a story with no idea where it’s going paralyze you? If so, I’d suggest grabbing a few books on outlining (I really love all of K.M. Weiland’s books). Read them and take some notes. Then just start. You can always edit a bad first draft (in fact most first drafts are bad!). 


Do you get intimidated at the idea of knowing what has to happen before it happens? Do you enjoy the idea of experiencing your story like you would reading a new book? If so, just sit down and write :).

Which ever way you go, don’t think too hard…and know that it takes a bit to find your rhythm. It will get easier, though!

Then when it gets hard again, just keep pushing through…and before you know it, you’ll have a book! YAY!!! Send me a message so I can congratulate you, please!!! Maybe even join the 20Booksto50K group and post a picture of “The End” with your celebratory drink of choice. Writing your first book is a big thing, so take the time to enjoy the moment. 

After that is the time to start immersing yourself in the Indie Author world. Join a few of the FB groups (20Booksto50Kis one of my favorites and a GREAT place to start). It’s a good thing to do while you’re editing and waiting nervously for Beta feedback :). 

Honestly, usually listening to music while cleaning or driving, lol. Music gives me SO many story ideas! Either that, or just people watching. 🙂 Seeing how people interact and imagining what their history is helps build many of my characters.

Specifically, Her Forsaken Mates came from a mashup of Warriors by Imagine Dragons, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots and In the Dark by Camila Cabello.

#WhyChooseOne? Seriously…I could never choose just one.

Anne McCaffrey’s books are probably at the source of my love of fantasy and sci-fi, though. Reading The Tower and The Hive, as well as Dragon Riders of Pern and Crystal Singers are some of my favorite memories.

Johanna Lindsey was my intro into romance and I still have soft spot for the Mallorys. Then I found Mary Balogh and was hooked! Since then, I’ve gone through stages of YA Romance, NA Romance, PNR, Romantic Fantasy and most recently, Reverse Harem (RH) Romance. Some of my favorite RH authors are Auryn Hadley, Kristen Banet, Kaydence Snow, Tate James, CM Stunich, and Alex Lidell. I just love the angst of love triangles but hate when the heroine chooses wrong! This way she gets them all <3.

For epic fantasy, I voraciously consume anything by Brandon Sanderson. His magic systems, world building, and amazingly developed characters make my heart happy!