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I grew up on Anne McCaffrey, Johanna Lindsey, Julia Quinn and Sarah MacLean. Their books helped me through my teen years…giving me friends when I felt alone and bad-ass women to look up to, who followed both their dreams AND their hearts.

Then I found the amazing world of indie authors and fell in love with the stories of Jaymin Eve, Tate James, Auryn Hadley, Kaydence Snow and others like them. They showed me that creating those worlds I loved was not limited to publishing through the traditional houses. I could do it myself :D. So I dove in and never looked back!  

A career creating worlds, people, and experiences that will make your heart twist and leave you wanting more…

I can’t imagine anything better!



Isle of the Forsaken

An Epic Romantic Fantasy Adventure series coming in 2021.

Forsaken Secrets

Dreams of darkness. A cold that seeps into Kaiya’s bones. And it…that swirling form keeping her from the light.

Every night, it’s the same.

Then the night ends, and she returns to her life of balls and dinner parties; social engagements where elite society pretends she doesn’t exist.

Lady Kaiya Maderoth, once known as the belle of every ball, plans for the day she can leave her little corner of the Kingdom behind. Her dream, a cottage by the coast where she can read and sketch in peace.

Then he arrives…

Lord Jaiel Kierstall thought Lynk’s request would be simple; find and help an untrained mage in hiding before the empire had a chance to capture or kill her. But instead of the normal fool or nervous wreck, he finds Kaiya, the infuriatingly beautiful and headstrong pain in his side.

When betrayal tears apart Kaiya’s carefully laid plans for a calm life, she flees with Jaiel into a world of magic, adventure, darkness and danger in search of answers.

But their enemies are not who they thought. And with every passing night, Kaiya’s dreams worsen, the swirling forms more frantic as the light draws near…

Will Kaiya and the Rogue Lords solve the mysteries of her past before it’s too late?

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Forsaken Secrets
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